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Trusted by 10+ Early Stage B2C & SaaS Startups

US focussed SaaS Accounting platform for Small & Medium Business owners & Freelancers.

Early Stage.


Multi-lingual video solutions to make education accessible for Tier 2 & 3 cities in India.

15M+ raised from Tencent, Sequoia, Omidyar Network.


Customer Experience Automation SaaS platform for US.

*Pivoted to HR Tech to solve for employability now.

Raised 1.5M from Sequoia Surge.

wedmegood-logo (1).jpg

Wedding planning marketplace to find trusted vendors in India.

2.6M+ raised from Orchid India, Indian Angel Network (IAN)


Multiple startups in Personal Finance, Edtech & Conscious Living space.

Stealth Mode Startups.


Next-Gen safety & comfort accessories like airbags for premium motorbikes with patented technology.

Angel Funded.


Digital business card & mini-website for Small & Medium Business owners in India.

Early Stage.


Artificial Intelligence based Vernacular Voice Bot solution for WhatsApp to help consumer brands acquire more customers.

Y-Combinator backed.

Arihant & Ajeet, Co-founders, Seekify

Arihant & Ajeet, Co-founders, Seekify

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What Founders Have To Say

He's one of the guys you can turn to if your only objective is to completely dominate the market you operate in, No half measures

Anand Shahani, Co-Founder & CEO


Mohit understands different aspects of marketing, be it digital, performance, offline, branding; that's a very rare skill to have. He gets into a lot of details. Level of sincerity & professionalism is beyond doubt.

Arihant Jain, Co-Founder & CEO


Though we hired him as an external CMO but he has the right traits of a Co-founder, having him onboard not only helped with marketing efforts but also gave us a partner in our co-thinking.

Ajeet Singh Kushwaha,

Co-Founder & CTO, Seekify


We were able to grow sales, customers, reviews, optimize marketing spend with his knowledge and grip on marketing tools.

Nitin G. R., Founder & CEO

Grand Pitstop

Amit Gupta
Arjit Chandra

He is well versed with the startup ecosystem and his insights nudge us towards building ideas that are both sustainable and scalable. Meetings with him always have an agenda and end with action items.

Amit Gupta, Co-founder

Early Stage Startup

Mohit has been a teacher, a mentor, a problem solver and a guide. He reciprocates our excitement for our startup with a level of energy & commitment that shows that he truly intends for us to succeed. He fundamentally loves consulting and sharing his knowledge with curious minds.

Arjit Chandra, Co-founder

Early Stage Startup

Who Am I?

Hi. I am Mohit, an IIT Delhi alumni, entry batch of 2000 and I work as a Growth Advisor with online-first consumer brands, digital SaaS products, online channels and VC funded startups. I have worked with startups at different stages from Bootstrap to Series E with $200M+ valuation across different verticals and directly led $15M+ revenue run rate addition to the business with multi-fold growth in traffic, conversion and engagement in startups with million-plus user base. I have also run Digital led TV ad-campaigns for brands and achieved significant lift in awareness and consideration amongst relevant target audience.

I help internet startups in

  • Growth Strategy

    • Evaluate Marketing Channels to identify Growth drivers

    • Go-To-Market Plan

    • PnL Management & Monetization Levers

    • Product-Marketing Org Structure 

  • Product Market Fit

    • Market Segmentation & Sizing​

    • Competition Mapping

    • Consumer Research

    • Product Growth Levers

  • Brand Strategy

    • Setting up a Online-First Brand

    • Digital led ATL Brand Campaigns

    • Online-Offline Strategy for Digital Transformation

  • Milestone based approach​ to achieve multiple X growth 

    • in Traffic, Engagement, Conversion, Revenue, Retention & Referrals

    • with Objectives & Key Results (OKR) measurement and Analytics setup

    • in a short span of time for Sustainable Growth

I also work with early stage Founder teams or Solo Founders to help them

  • Take their idea to business model

  • Defining minimum viable product

  • Identifying product market fit

  • Evaluating market potential

  • Get consumer insights

  • Realising initial revenue

  • Guidance on raising angel investment

I am excited to connect with you very soon to 'Act as a Catalyst' and help 'Accelerate your Growth Story'.

Brands I have helped build in my Full-Time roles
Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 4.09.52 AM.png

Mohit has an uncanny ability to marry rich digital data with real world consumer insights to help companies build strong consumer brands. For startups, it means ability to focus on the core, and saying no to everything else. Approach like this, is recipe for longterm value creation via strong differentiation and most capital efficient execution.

Sameer Maheshwari, Managing Director & CEO


He is someone who brings the unique blend of left and right brained understanding along with the ability to drive strong execution. He is an asset to any brand he works with.

Prashant Tandon, Managing Director & CEO

1mg, Ex-HealthKart


Personalised photo printing startup

Worked full-time across startups of scale 2 to 500 employees

iTasveer was Acquired in 2010


Beauty Ecommerce startup

Built automated marketing tools for Google & Facebook ads back in 2011

Acquired by Fashion & You


Budget hotel chain startup

Scaled direct and OTA channels by multiple times within few months

Funded by Accel & Goldman Sachs

Brand Campaigns I have Executed
Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 11.39.13 AM.png


Tum Nahi Samjhoge

 Facebook Success Story

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 11.40.35 AM.png


Recharge Refresh

Prime Time Awards 2018

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
What my Colleagues and Team Members had to say about me