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About Me

Hi. I work as a Growth Advisor with online-first consumer brands, digital products, online channels and VC funded startups.


I help internet startups in

  • Growth Strategy

    • Evaluate Marketing Channels to identify Growth drivers

    • Go-To-Market Plan

    • PnL Management & Monetization Levers

    • Product-Marketing Org Structure 

  • Product Market Fit

    • Market Segmentation & Sizing​

    • Competition Mapping

    • Consumer Research

    • Product Growth Levers

  • Brand Strategy

    • Setting up a Online-First Brand

    • Digital led ATL Brand Campaigns

    • Online-Offline Strategy for Digital Transformation

  • Milestone based approach​ to achieve multiple X growth 

    • in Traffic, Engagement, Conversion, Revenue, Retention & Referrals

    • with Objectives & Key Results (OKR) measurement and Analytics setup

    • in a short span of time for Sustainable Growth

I also work with early stage Founder teams or Solo Founders to help them

  • Take their idea to business model

  • Defining minimum viable product

  • Identifying product market fit

  • Evaluating market potential

  • Get consumer insights

  • Realising initial revenue

  • Guidance on raising angel investment

Why should you work with me?

  • Identify key levers of growth with my secrets on market research, funnel visualization & customer journey in your industry

  • Save time & money by cutting off years from the learning curve across marketing channels

  • Make informed decisions by understanding what are the options and how they may pan out

What can you expect from your session with me?

  • Creating marketing strategies that work using consumer insights and digital growth hacks

  • Driving monetization strategies to scale revenue for your business model

  • Building a solid growth team & processes

  • How to achieve sustainable growth for your brand during COVID 19

As a Growth Advisor, I have worked with brands like

and other startups in stealth mode.

I am an IIT Delhi Alumni & in the last decade, I have worked with startups funded by renowned Venture Capital Funds like Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Goldman Sachs, Omidyar Network etc across multiple startups and have had the privilege to work with some awesome founders like Sameer Maheswari (HealthKart & MuscleBlaze), Prashant Tandon (1mg & HealthKart) & Abhishek Goyal (Tracxn & UrbanTouch) 

  • I was heading Healthkart in my full time role &

  • Responsible for the digital strategy for MuscleBlaze "Tum Nahi Samjhoge" brand campaign and 

  • I also worked as CMO at FabHotels and helped scale it's direct channels by multiple times within a few months

  • I led Digital Marketing at & built automated marketing tools for Facebook & Google Ads back in 2010-11

  • I have worked across startups of all sizes starting from 2 to 500 people managing ~100 crore annual revenue rate directly

Why do I work as a Full-Time Growth Advisor now?

  • I believe I can help Entrepreneurs navigate through 'problems that have already been solved for', so they can focus on consumer value and the product more by 'saving time & money spent otherwise in the learning curve' for Digital Growth

  • I like solving Consumer Problems through Technology Products and I want to stay a life long learner

  • I like the Energy of Founders and early stage Startups and it excites me to work with them, I like working with 'Awesome People'

  • It is a way of giving back to the Startup Ecosystem to make Active Mentoring Accessible thereby Creating Valuable Companies and creating my own identity in the process

Is it risky? Hell, yes! But that's the way I like it.​ And Like attracts Like, I fundamentally believe that my vibe will attract my tribe. Given our time is limited, what better than spending it with people you can admire while building something valuable. 

I keep evaluating startups for investment in personal capacity. Currently, I am an Angel Investor in

  • MilkBasket : It is an online grocery delivery startup

  • Frsh: It is a cloud kitchen startup

  • And a part of IP Ventures Angel Network group

I am excited to connect with you very soon to 'Act as a Catalyst' and help 'Accelerate your Growth Story' :

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